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Sandra Claus

More than ten years I worked as a tour guide for the tourist office of the City of Zurich. Over the last several years I have showed the City of Zurich to hundreds of national as well as international visitors. Furthermore, I have conveyed its beauty to tourism experts and journalists alike. I developed different tours with new core themes. This included the research and writing of a manual, but also the instruction/testing of my tourguide colleagues. Additionally, I have also held several presentations to various groups of prestigious companies.

Today I work as a self employed tour guide. I appreciate the personal contact to my guests and I am delighted to show them the charming, surprising and unique faces of Zurich.  

Isabelle Baur

For many years as an enthusiastic city guide, I have led visitors from home and abroad through Zurich. I am happy to show my guests the various beautiful and interesting areas of the city; its history, stories, anecdotes, urban development, the life of the people in the past and today, art and culture of a beautiful city. 

As a personal tour guide I also accompany guests on individual excursions in Switzerland. 

I am a city guide / tour guide and certified trainer (Eidg. FA) and in the past I have been leading many guided tours on various topics for Zürich Tourism and other providers - for guests, journalists and experts from the tourism industry. I have also enjoyed training new tour guides.


Patrizia Arpino

I have been a tour guide in the city of Zurich for 30 years. For 23 years I have worked for Zürich Tourism. Even after such a long time, I still show our guests our great city with great pleasure and enthusiasm. My goal is that our guests discover new things and have a carefree time during the tours. Throughout the years I have learned many different tours. I have explored the history and the art in the city, I have ridden around with groups on rollerblades or on trotinetts, I have explained the buildings from the water, I have been on the road as a business card for the city with many media people, I have also explored the city from a culinary point of view. I have told countless stories that characterize our beautiful city. In general, I like telling stories about people or places! I love it when my guests go home satisfied after a tour and I was able to give them my passion for the city of Zurich.

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