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Our team consists exclusively of well-trained, experienced and passionate city guides. We strive to share our love for Zurich, creating unforgettable tours for you! Each of our tour guides brings unique perspectives, local expertise, and warm hospitality to ensure, that your stay in Zurich is not only informative but also inspiring. Together, we craft tours that bring not just Zurich, but also its stories and people to life.

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Sandra Claus

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For more than ten years I have worked as a tourist guide for the tourist office of the city of Zurich. So far I have shown hundreds of national and international visitors the city of Zurich. In addition, I convey the beauties of the city of Zurich to tourism professionals and journalists. I developed various guided tours with new thematic focuses. This included researching and writing a manual, but also briefing/testing my tour guide colleagues. I also gave several presentations to different groups of renowned companies.

Since 2006 I run Zurich City Tours as an agency for city tours in Zurich as well as in other Swiss cities. I value the personal contact with my guests and enjoy showing them the charming, surprising and unique faces of Zurich.

Isabelle Baur

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 For many years as an enthusiastic city guide, I have led visitors from home and abroad through Zurich. I am happy to show my guests the various beautiful and interesting areas of the city; its history, stories, anecdotes, urban development, the life of the people in the past and today, art and culture of a beautiful city. 

As a personal tour guide I also accompany guests on individual excursions in Switzerland. 

I am a city guide / tour guide and certified trainer (Eidg. FA) and in the past I have been leading many guided tours on various topics for Zürich Tourism and other providers - for guests, journalists and experts from the tourism industry. I have also enjoyed training new tour guides.


Patrizia Arpino

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 I have been a tour guide in the city of Zurich for 30 years. For 23 years I have worked for Zürich Tourism. Even after such a long time, I still show our guests our great city with great pleasure and enthusiasm. My goal is that our guests discover new things and have a carefree time during the tours. Throughout the years I have learned many different tours. I have explored the history and the art in the city, I have ridden around with groups on rollerblades or on trotinetts, I have explained the buildings from the water, I have been on the road as a business card for the city with many media people, I have also explored the city from a culinary point of view. I have told countless stories that characterize our beautiful city. In general, I like telling stories about people or places! I love it when my guests go home satisfied after a tour and I was able to give them my passion for the city of Zurich.

Nicole Grandi

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Born and raised in South Tyrol in Italy, I must have been brought up with the sense for hospitality.

I contribute over 15 years of experience in tourism, which I have gained in various countries, including Italy, Germany and China. Having lived in different countries, I always had guests to whom I wanted to show my new home. First privately and then I decided to make my passion my (semi) profession. For nine years I have been organizing events and guiding private groups through Zurich and the whole of Switzerland. In doing so, it is important to me to pass on my enthusiasm for my adopted country. I pay special attention to the culinary and cultural aspects of the places I introduce my guests to. I guide both locals and visitors in private groups, for everyone there is something new to enjoy and get to know.


Heidi Metzner

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