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Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and is perfectly connected to the rest of the world through Zurich Airport. The city boasts a well-preserved old town, a charming setting around Lake Zurich and the Limmat River, and the recreational opportunities provided by the nearby home mountains Uetliberg and Felsenegg. Discover the diversity and charm of Zurich on a guided sightseeing tour tailored to your group. Marvel at the well-known landmarks and uncover hidden gems that will surprise you.  


Explore Zurich and its region

With short distances and an efficient public transportation system, Zurich is an ideal starting point for day trips to breathtaking Swiss destinations such as Lucerne, known for its stunning lake and attractions like Mount Pilatus and Weggis with Mount Rigi. You can also visit the nearby Rhine Falls or the Bernese Oberland region, including Interlaken and the famous Jungfraujoch.


Tour guides with Zurich in their heart

Our experienced tour guides offer a variety of walking tours through different neighborhoods and cover a range of themes in their toolbox. They are all passionate about Zurich and will entertain you with captivating stories from the city's past and present.


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We are excited to inspire you with the beauty of Zurich and to welcome you on a private city tour in Zurich. Would you like to see the magnificent city of Lucerne, too? We can also arrange a city tour for you there. Moreover, check out our unique experiences and additional services under more services. Now: Book your private city tour and contact us via e-mail or by phone on +41 76 566 10 67.


Must-see! Orientation Tour through the Heart of Zurich

Panoramic view of the Limmatquai in Zurich. The blue-green Limmat in the foreground.

Admire on this city tour beautiful squares such as Münsterhof and the Swiss financial hub Paradeplatz, see the major landmarks like the main churches Fraumünster with the stunning stained-glass windows made by Marc Chagall, the historic landmark Grossmünster and St. Peter. At Lindenhof, you enjoy splendid views of Zurich and, with some luck, you may spot the snow-capped Swiss Alps. You walk along Bahnhofstrasse, one the most expensive shopping street of Europe, as well as Limmatquai and dive into the vivid area of Niederdorf. A tour with numerous highlights and exciting stories.


Uncover the Best-Kept-Secrets - a Tour Off the Beaten Track

Small pink half-timbered house with lettering "Seilbahn Limmatquai-Bahnhof". There are steps in front of it.


Get ready to discover unique perspectives and unexpected delights of Zurich that go beyond the usual tourist spots.

Embark on a nostalgic journey aboard the red student express, a cable car that offers a one-of-a-kind experience. Marvel at magnificent panoramic view of the numerous towers and rooftops and take a leisurely stroll through a lavish baroque garden. This private city tour off the beaten tracks promises alternative options to the popular attractions. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised.  

Private City Tours through Zurich's Neighborhoods

The Lively Tour through Langstrasse

Street restaurant with colorful umbrellas and plants at Zeughaushof in Zurich

Just beyond the bustling main railway station, you will experience Zurich as an exciting melting pot of more than 140 nationalities. Let yourself be captivated by the cosmopolitan charm that sets this vibrant area apart, opening up a completely different side of the city. Experience on this private city tour a touch of the world city feeling.  

The Trendy Tour through Zürich-West

View up the glass Prime Tower to the blue sky

Step into the dynamic world of Zurich-West where the former industrial quarter has undergone a remarkable transformation. Today, it attracts visitors with great places like Frau Gerolds Garten, Schiffbau and The Viadukt. Here you find state-of-the-art architecture next to the old, converted factory halls of once large industrial companies. 

The Relaxing Tour through Enge

Main facade of the Renaissance Villa in Rieterpark Zurich

Indulge in a leisurely walk through the beautiful, serene parks like the Rieterpark with its famous museum Rietberg. Immerse yourself in the fascinating history of what was once the wealthiest community outside of former Zurich. There, where silk barons as well as the most visionary Swiss businessman of the 19th century lived.

The Urban Tour through Neu-Oerlikon

Steel structure of MFO Park richly covered with plants

Almost everything in this part of the city is new. Only a few things still remind us of the proud past of the Oerlikon machine factory, which stood at the beginning of Oerlikon's eventful development. Instead of the large factory halls, today there are modern office and residential buildings with that certain "something".

Private City Tours of Special Interest

Rolling & Stones

Blue-orange coloured eTukTuk with white leather seats. In the background the skyline of the city of Zurich.

On this special tour, you will not only discover Zurich on foot. Your eTuk driver will welcome you and give you an overview of the city with its sights during the first part of the journey. With our experienced city guide, you will then stroll through an enchanting garden, marvel at the beauty of a hidden courtyard and bravely squeeze your way between ominous stone walls. Back in the eTukTuk, you will discover the charming Enge neighbourhood. The final highlight is a walk through picturesque alleyways to a spectacular viewpoint steeped in history.

The Fabulous World of Chocolate

Three differently wrapped chocolate bars from the laflor brand.

There are no longer only the well-known Swiss chocolate factories. In recent years, various chocolate manufactories have been founded in Zurich and the region, launching groundbreaking, high-quality chocolate creations. Bean to bar is the watchword and means chocolate in its purest form.

This tour is not just about Zurich's history and stories, rather visits to local specialty stores and enthusiastic chocolate experts are the name of the game. 

How Zurich Became Rich

Baroque house facade with mullioned windows and richly decorated balcony

Even in Roman times, Zurich was a small trading town on the Limmat. Later, Protestant religious refugees with their valuable connections shaped Zurich's economy. Silk and cloth eventually brought wealth to the city. Today, Zurich is the leading global financial center of Switzerland and home to renowned universities. 


Hidden Behind Closed Doors

Two windows with red frames, open shutters and a red door to the right.

Behind closed doors, sometimes underground in Zurich, history comes alive and becomes vivid. Hidden historical artefacts from Roman and medieval times show you how Zurich has existed for thousands of years. Marvel at colourful paintings and find out why the city was anything but fragrant in the past.

Vital Ressource or Lifestyle Product?

Water flowing from well tube, in the background bare trees.

The importance of the blue gold has changed throughout the ages, but it has always been indispensable; today more than ever. In the past, the Lake Zürich as well as the rivers Limmat and Sihl served as a transport/trade axis and were an important source of energy. Water played a major role in the hygiene movement that emerged in the 19th century and today serves as a healthy elixir of life.


How Light Came to Zurich

Old town street illuminated with gas lanterns at night.

Some alleys in the old town are still lit by gas lanterns. On this tour, you learn why it remained dark in Zurich for a long time, who brought the light to the streets and where the Bernese were faster than the citizens of Zurich. The introduction of light was a revolution and only made the todays nightlife possible. 


All About the Power of Zurich's Women

Armed woman sculpture with banner under blue sky.

On this tour, you meet strong women who struggled for acceptance in a man's world despite having a university degree. You hear about successful women who contributed to the city and women's causes, both in the Middle Ages and in the 20th century. Find out which lady ruled the city of Zurich for centuries and how long it took in Switzerland for women to gain the right to vote.


Zurich and the Ghost of Zwingli

Neo-Gothic cupola and ridge turret of the Grossmünster Zurich.

The timing seemed right when Huldrych Zwingli took office as a lieutenant priest in the Grossmünster in 1519 and began the Reformation of Zurich. Together with his companions, he managed to leave a lasting mark on Zurich until today. Learn how much Zurich changed with the Reformation and how you can still recognize its traces.

Guided tours to other themes and great places on request. 

And what about?

Of course, the tours of Zurich City Tours can all be easily complemented with a boat cruise on Lake Zurich (starting from Bürkliplatz), a visit of an exhibition of the Kunsthaus Zürich, the Nationalmuseum as well as of the other more than 40 museums. Or just sit in one of the cozy cafes like the Sprüngli located on Bahnhofstrasse or hop on a tram and discover the diversity of the city easily and conventiently. Further, there are many opportunities for excursions to the closer area. 


We have a wide selection of professional, experienced and passionate local travel guides who conduct the tours in different languages. 


A visit of Zurich can be very well combined with a trip to the relatively nearby Swiss cities of Basel, Bern, Lucerne and Winterthur. We will also be happy to assist you with your travel plans and give you some helpful hints for your trip to Switzerland. Just ask us or visit us here for more information. 

Virtual Tours - audio, online or via video

In cooperation with Virtual City Tours we also offer digital tours such as Live Online Tours of Zurich - as a live stream directly from the city or as a live presentation (via video conference) as well as pre-recorded video tours. Please also note our popular self-guided tours. With these audio tours you explore Zurich completely independent and on yourself.

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